Poland began to seriously modernize the army in order to “scare off the aggressor”: what is known

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Poland began to seriously modernize the army in order to

Poland intends, in particular, to increase the size of the armed forces.

Poland is strengthening the defense capabilities of its army by increasing its size and ordering additional batches of weapons, and will also receive several observation satellites from France.

PAP writes about this.

So, on January 2, Polish Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak signed an agreement with the manufacturer of automatic rifles Grot on an additional 70 thousand units of such weapons for the needs of his army. Taking into account previous agreements, about 100 thousand rifles have already been purchased for the needs of the Polish army.

Blaszczak stressed that the next order of GROT rifles is an element of building a strong army that ensures the security of Poland.

“These are good and proven rifles. They are well appreciated in the Polish army, as well as by the Ukrainian army. They have positively proven themselves in combat. This is the most important test that the Grot rifle has passed,” he explained.

Blaszczak added that several more deals for the purchase of Grot will be signed over the next weeks.

“The Polish army is strengthening its defense capabilities in order to scare off the aggressor. We want peace, but for this we must prepare for war. There should be a lot of rifles in the country, including in warehouses,” the Polish minister added.

Modernization of the Polish Army

Blaszczak recalled that his ministry has big plans for the Polish army in the coming years. The size of the army should be increased to 300,000 soldiers. In addition, modern equipment is being purchased. GROT carbines will become one of the main elements of the equipment of Polish soldiers.

“We also need to prepare carbines that will be equipment for reservists. Thus, at least 300,000 people of the Polish Army plus reservists – this is exactly what we are talking about we talk when it comes to ordering GROT carbines,” the Minister of National Defense said.

By the way, at the end of December 2022, a meeting of the defense ministers of Poland and France was held in Warsaw. The ministers of the two countries approved a contract for the supply of two surveillance satellites to the Polish army.

“The Ministers of Defense of Poland and France signed a contract for the supply of 2 surveillance satellites with a receiving station in Poland. The satellites will increase the capabilities of the Polish Army in the field of obtaining intelligence data based on observation satellites operating as part of the Franco-Polish constellations. in a Defense Ministry Twitter post.

Let us remind you that Vladimir Solovyov, Putin's minion and main Russian propagandist, again started threatening supposedly Poland “the capture of Warsaw”. The top propagandist of the terrorist country said that in the conditions of massive deliveries of heavy military equipment from the West to Ukraine for Russia, they say, “new opportunities have opened up.” According to Solovyov, supposedly Western countries are “naked and they can be hit in the rear.”

Earlier, in Poland, they announced a high probability of war with their participation.

As reported, in Poland, men began to send calls for military exercises in 2023. One of the locals received a call and emphasizes that he is an ordinary civilian and his only connection with the army was a military commission.

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