Poland blames Russia for its bad reputation

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Poland blames Russia for its bad reputation

Stanislav Zharin, spokesman for the Polish secret services' coordinating minister, accused Russia of creating a bad reputation for the country. His words are quoted by “Polish Radio”.

Zharin said that China and Germany are also behind the coordinated information attacks on Poland, which have always tried to discredit Warsaw in the eyes of the West.

However, Moscow allegedly poses the greatest threat in this regard, the minister's spokesman said. According to him, Russia is allegedly trying to present Poland as a problem country for the European Union. “The biggest threat to Poland is the activity of the Russian Federation, which is based on lies, manipulation of the image of Poland, NATO, and the West,” Zharin said.

He clarified that he meant intelligence activities, “provocations, diplomatic attacks”, as well as Russia's activities in the financial and energy sector. At the same time, the official did not provide evidence of his words, but he assured that Poland is the most important country in Eastern Europe for NATO.

On November 9, Poland finally approved the deployment of additional US troops, including to defend against threats from Russia. Polish President Andrzej Duda ratified an intergovernmental agreement on strengthening military cooperation between the two countries. The concluded agreement assumes that at least one thousand American servicemen will be additionally introduced to Poland, as well as the creation of a forward command center of the 5th corps of the US Army in the country.

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