Poland decided to postpone the ban on abortion

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Poland decided to postpone the ban on abortion

Against the background of mass protests, the Polish authorities decided to postpone the introduction of a ban on abortion for medical reasons. The corresponding document was supposed to be published on November 2, but this did not happen, The Guardian noted.

The representative of the Polish Prime Minister Michal Dvorczyk confirmed that this issue requires discussion. The fact that the decision never came into force is seen as a political gesture. “The court decisions must be published without delay. This is a legal trick that prevents publication, ”said Anna Wojczyk, a researcher at the Institute of Legal Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Poland's abortion laws are among the toughest in Europe, but at the end of October, the country's Constitutional Court decided to tighten it even more. The court's decision stated that citizens cannot have an abortion, provided that incurable pathologies were found in the fetus. Abortion is permitted only in cases where a woman has been raped, incest has occurred or when life and health are threatened.

The abortion decree provoked massive protests, and services were disrupted in some churches. Recently, conservative values have played an increasing role in the public life of Poland. This is attributed to the coming to power of the conservative Law and Justice Party.

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