Poland due to COVID-strain “Omicron” toughens the rules of entry: will Ukrainians be allowed

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 Poland, due to the COVID strain

For those who come from abroad” Schengen, '' but vaccinated with drugs recognized by the EU, quarantine is not introduced.

In Poland, due to the spread of a new strain of the Omicron coronavirus, quarantine is intensified and flights to 7 African countries are banned.

This was stated by the Minister of Health of Poland, Adam Nedzielski.

Thus, quarantine up to 14 days has been extended both for those who will return from the “seven countries of particular risk” and for those who come to Poland from states, not included in the Schengen area. The latter case assumes the removal of restrictions after eight days if you pass a PCR test and get a negative result.

“In connection with the emergence of a new mutation and its potential impact on the development of the pandemic, we have prepared an emergency package of restrictions. We are introducing a ban on flights to seven African countries. On the list: Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe. will return from these countries, will be required to leave the 14-day quarantine without the possibility to leave it earlier. Persons arriving in Poland from countries outside the Schengen area will be sent to a 14-day quarantine, “he said.

In addition, fully vaccinated people with drugs recognized in the EU and arriving from outside the Schengen area are not subject to quarantine.

No coronavirus strain has yet been detected in Poland Omicron. Earlier in a neighboring country, quarantine lasted 10 days with the ability to get out of it after receiving a negative test result seven days after arriving in the country.

Recall that Ukraine is tightening protection measures against coronavirus with the Omicron strain.

Meanwhile, Australia has postponed the opening of its borders to some foreign nationals amid the spread of the new Omicron COVID-19 strain.

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