Poland is preparing a tank coalition for Ukraine: Turkey is among the partners


Poland is preparing a tank coalition for Ukraine: among partners – Turkey

Poland announced the creation of a coalition of donor countries of modern armored weapons for Ukraine. Turkey is likely to be among the partners.

More Leopard tanks

Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak announced the initiative . He noted that negotiations were held between countries that have Leopard 2A4 tanks in their arsenal.

On my initiative, we held talks among countries with Leopard 2A4 tanks in order to jointly create a coalition of donors modern armored weapons for Ukraine,” Blashchak wrote.

At the same time, the official list of states as potential partners was not made public. However, one can guess who will join the coalition by looking at the photo that the Polish minister added to the publication.

Mariusz Blaszczak against the background of the flags of countries that can create a tank coalition/Photo by the minister's twitter< /p>

There are 9 flags in the photo, one of which cannot be identified. The list includes: NATO, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Britain, Canada, Poland itself and, most surprisingly, Turkey.

Pay attention!Turkey's help in this matter can be tangible, since, as it is known from open sources, more than three hundred Leopard 2 tanks are in service with this country. >

  • Poland, in addition to 14 Leopard tanks, will transfer another 60 of its PT-91 Twardy tanks. The defenders are already using armored vehicles on the battlefield.
  • International partners are gradually making a decision on the transfer of Western tanks to Ukraine. It is known that the West promised to provide 321 heavy tanks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Great Britain is preparing to send Challenger 2 to Ukraine. Minister of Defense Ben Wallace said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will provide a squadron of these tanks – 14 units.
  • The United States agreed to transfer Abrams tanks to Ukraine However, in a few months.
  • However, Leopard from Germany and European allies will be provided in the near future.

Who is ready to provide tanks Leopard 2 Ukraine/Channel 24 Infographics

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