Poland staged war rehearsal and lost on the fourth day

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Poland staged war rehearsal and lost on the fourth day

Poland staged a war rehearsal at the Zima-20 local army exercise and lost on the fourth day. Super Express reports.

According to the publication, during the exercises it was assumed that a conditional enemy attacked Poland from the eastern border (it shares it with Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania). According to the plan of maneuvers, the army was to take a blow from the eastern flank and hold the defense for 22 days.

However, as a result of the “war” Warsaw was surrounded on the fourth day, and the cities of Lublin and Bialystok surrendered without a fight. The commanders of a number of divisions refused to obey certain orders “because they were incomprehensible.” The publication notes that as a result, Poland also lost strategic ports, and the advanced units of the army were left without 60-80 percent of the personnel. It is noted that the situation has developed “even worse than in 1939”.

“Fortunately, these were just exercises. I hope they will draw conclusions from this failure, ”one of the commanders told Super Express.

In December 2020, German General and Chief of Staff of the US Army in Europe, Jared Sembritzky, said that in response to the “Russian threat”, NATO deployed battle groups in Poland and the three Baltic countries. In addition, according to him, Europe is preparing for a possible conflict with Russia and is regularly working on various scenarios for the development of events.

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