Poland wants to train Ukrainian Leopard 2 crews in five weeks


Poland wants to train Ukrainian Leopard 2 crews in five weeks

Poland wants to reduce the training time for the Ukrainian military on Leopard 2 battle tanks to five weeks. This is half the standard time.

The training time can be reduced due to an increase in the number of instructors and a reduction in weekends. The commander of the Polish training center Leopard, Maciej Banashinsky, spoke about this on January 31.

How long does training take on Leopard

In a training center equipped with simulators, at the same time 14 crews of four people each can be trained. According to the instructors, Leopard training has so far taken about 10 weeks, but could be reduced to 5.

If we intensify the training (increasing the number) of instructors, our time and our weekend, we will be able to train the entire crew in 5 weeks,” Maciej Banashinsky said.

At the same time, the Polish military refused to comment on where Ukrainian soldiers would be trained.

How many tanks Ukraine will receive< /h3>

  • The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, said back in December that he needed 300 tanks to carry out a successful counteroffensive.
  • Subsequently, Ukrainian Ambassador to France Vadim Omelchenko said that the Allies promised to provide our 321 heavy tanks for the state.
  • Vladimir Zelensky notes that the tanks are needed as soon as possible. “If the tanks arrive from the US in August, it will be too late. I don't know exactly when the tanks will arrive from Europe”, he said.

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