Pole glorified Putin in social networks: the court sent her for a mental examination


Pole glorified Putin in social networks: the court sent her for a mental examination

59-year-old teacher Mazhena from Poland posted on the social network, where she became famous for Vladimir Putin and wished Russia victories. The woman justified herself by “meditation”.

A resident of the commune of Sobotka in Wroclaw was tried for propaganda posts on social networks. In her publications, Majena thanked Putin and hoped for a Russian victory.

What threatens the Pole

The local prosecutor's office drew attention to the pro-Russian messages of the supporter of the “Russian world” and charged her under article 117 of the Criminal Code (for publicly calling for a resolution of the war of conquest).

Under this article, a woman faces imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years. The other day in Wroclaw, a trial of a Polish woman was held. It is curious that the woman refused to admit guilt, and explained that she was spreading her thoughts. after meditation “heart, not mind” .

At the same time, she stated that she does not support the war and there is nothing against refugees. She explains this by the fact that there are Ukrainians among her friends and that, in general, she is allegedly an empathic person.

Polka said that a few years ago she was on a charitable mission in India, where she met with the Dalai Lama. There she seemed to have learned to meditate, and, according to the woman, she published her posts after deep meditation.

Considering these circumstances, the judge appointed the defendant a psychiatric examination. Only after receiving the opinion of experts, the court will set the date for the next meeting.

Ambulances that were supposed to go to Ukraine were burned in Poland: what is known

  • In Radlov in southeastern Poland, a 35-year-old man deliberately set fire to ambulances. One ambulance burned down completely, and the other could possibly be repaired.
  • These ambulances were to be sent to Ukraine. One of them was intended for a hospital in Kharkov.
  • Note that a total of 10 vehicles were to be delivered to Ukraine – six ambulances and four pickups. However, only 4 ambulances and 2 pickups remained.
  • By the way, the other part of the transport – two trucks with medical equipment – were not injured and were nevertheless sent to Ukraine.

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