Police arrest shooter who killed 6 at US Independence Day parade


Police arrest shooter who killed 6 people at US Independence Day parade

Highland Park shooting site/AP Photo

Shooting occurred during the US Independence Day Parade on July 4th in the suburbs of Chicago, USA. At least six people were killed. The police managed to detain the shooter.

The shooting took place in the town of Highland Park north of Chicago on the coast of Lake Michigan. A solemn parade was held on the central street of the city on July 4. During this parade, an intruder climbed onto the roof of one of the buildings using a ladder in an alley. Then he opened fire on the people gathered for the celebration.

As a result of the shooting, six people died – five people at the scene of the shooting, another person in the hospital. Another 36 were injured or injured. According to local media, among the wounded are four or five children, one of whom is in serious condition. The youngest victim of the attack is 8 years old, the oldest victim is 85 years old.

What is known about the shooter

After the shooting started, the police also discovered the place where the fire was fired from. But the shooter himself was no longer there, but there was a rifle from which he fired.

Immediately after that, the police put the suspect in the shooting on the wanted list – 22-year-old Robert Krimo. They posted a photo of him and a car that he could drive.

Police arrest shooter who killed 6 people at US Independence Day parade

Wanted Message for Robert Beyond/Lake County Sheriff's Office Illustration

A few hours later he was arrested. First, the police found the suspect's car, and subsequently, after pursuit, Robert Cromo surrendered to law enforcement.

The police said they did not know what was the motive for the shooting in Highland Park.

Posts on social networks and other online posts written by accounts associated with either Cromo or his rap name Awake The Rapper often featured violent images or messages. The recordings showed a man with physical characteristics and face tattoos similar to those of the suspect.

For example, one music video posted on YouTube showed drawings of a figure holding a rifle in front of another figure spread out on the ground. Another video shows a figurine bleeding out in front of police cars.

However, whether this account was personally owned by the suspect is still unknown. It was closed immediately after the police named the suspect in the shooting.

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