Police uncover hostile IPSO with lightning speed: an important warning for Ukrainians


Police uncover hostile IPSO with lightning speed: important warning for Ukrainians

Russian invaders are losing in all directions of the front. The enemy is suffering enormous losses and is trying to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. In particular, through the IPSO.

This time they tried to disperse the “zrada” because of the alleged “exportation of a man to the military registration and enlistment office in Odessa.” In propaganda publics, a video was distributed of how the “poor guy” was grabbed and pulled into a car at gunpoint.

The enemy used a fake video

The IPSO authors took real video in which patrol officers with weapons detain a man. At the same time, it was filmed not in Odessa (as the propagandists say), but in Nikolaev. And the cadres have nothing to do with the military registration and enlistment office.

Cadres trying to pass off as “export” were filmed during the detention of a drunken attacker who attacked a man with an ax.

A hysterical woman called the police and reported that her stepfather had hacked a man to death with an axe. It sounds terrible, but this is not the first time such calls have been made to patrol officers,” the report says.

The law enforcement officers worked quickly and efficiently. at gunpoint,” agree? sources.

Important! On January 15, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense warned that Russia was planning a number of fakes and IPSO. In order to realize its cynical plan, the terrorist country has attracted the entire range of modern information media available.

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