Polish companies began to compete for Ukrainian women: women spoke about priorities in choosing a job

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Polish companies began to compete for Ukrainian women: women spoke about priorities in choosing a job

Since February 24, thousands of women from Ukraine have found work in Poland.

In Polandemployers began to compete very much for Ukrainian women, therefore they are trying to improve the conditions for cooperation. For women, the most important factor when choosing a job in Poland is a comfortable environment and loyal management.

This is evidenced by the data of a survey conducted by the analytical center of the international employment agency Gremi Personal.

According to a survey of 1,380 women in Ukraine and the same number in Poland, official employmentrespondents in the neighboring country are more interested – 20% versus 16% in Ukraine. And social insurance is less: 6% in Ukraine versus 9% in Poland.

Another 24% of respondents consider the most influential factor in choosing a job in their homeland – high wages. At the same time big earnings Ukrainian women in Poland are less interested, at least 18% of women named this item.

According to the survey, 22% of Ukrainian women answered that they are most interested in Poland < strong>comfortable environment and loyal leadership. At the same time, in Ukraine, only 18% of respondents are concerned about a loyal boss and colleagues.

Another 9% of Ukrainian women consider it an advantage to convenient work location in Poland, while in Ukraine it worries only 3%.

And after all, almost equally important for women in Poland and Ukraine the possibility of career growth and self-development and a flexible work schedule. These points are considered important by 9% of respondents in Ukraine and Poland – 8%.

It is interesting that 0% of Ukrainian women in the two states among all respondents voted for “having a long vacation” and “the possibility of business trips”.

The agency explained that the factors for choosing a job for Ukrainian women in Ukraine and in Poland differ in ignorance of the language and, as a result, the difficulty of finding a job in their specialty. However, 52% of Ukrainians in Poland are already learning the language to master their core job.

“There are more than 1 million Ukrainian refugees in Poland, 71% are self-supporting, the vast majority of them are women. Since February 24, we have employed more than 20,000 women in Poland. Polish employers are very competitive precisely for Ukrainian women, so they are constantly trying to improve the terms of cooperation. To help company executives respond to the priorities of Ukrainian women, we explored the factors that influence our women's choice of where to work,” says Anna Dzhobolda, Gremi Personal Recruitment Director.

The international agency says that such answers are typical mainly for Ukrainians. Indeed, when employing citizens of other countries, these factors are much more important.

Polish companies began to compete for Ukrainian women: women spoke about priorities in choosing a job

The survey was conducted during the first two weeks of January 2023 by the method of electronic questionnaires.

Recall that in Poland, the demand for workers with specialized education and knowledge of the Ukrainian language has increased tenfold. This trend is primarily associated with the opening of Ukrainian companies or their branches abroad.

However, still 61% of Ukrainian refugees in Poland are still unemployed. They are not able to find a job due to insufficient knowledge of the Polish language, the lack of offers corresponding to their qualifications, as well as the lack of part-time offers.

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