Polish Defense Minister about F-16 for Ukraine: “It will end with positive decisions, but we need to put pressure”

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Polish Minister of Defense on F-16 for Ukraine:

Blaszczak compared the situation with F-16 fighters to the situation that used to be with Leopard 2 tanks and Patriot air defense systems.

Polish Minister of Defense Mariusz Blashak is convinced of the future positive decision on the transfer of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, but noted that it is necessary to put pressure on the allies.

Blashak said this after the ninth meeting in the Ramstein format on February 14, Interia Wydarzenia reports.< /p>

The head of the Polish Ministry of Defense noted that the transfer of the F-16 to Ukraine requires pressure on the allies, as was the case with Leopard 2 tanks and Patriot air defense systems.

According to Blaszczak, Poland has this issue limited potential as the country only has 48 of these American-made fighters. At the same time, the allies have much more such aircraft.

“I think that this conversation will also end in positive decisions, but we need to put pressure on it,” the Polish minister said.

Recall that the publication The Financial Times reported that the United States may eventually transfer F-16 fighters to Ukraine or give a “green light” to the transfer of these aircraft from other countries.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin after the meeting in the Rammstein format 14 February, thus answered the question about fighter jets for Ukraine: “This is a question on which I have nothing to say.”

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