Polish divers began searching for the Amber Room

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Polish divers began searching for the Amber Room

Polish divers began searching for the Amber Room

Divers began their descent to the sunken ship at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It is believed to contain the remains of the lost Amber Room on board, according to The Daily Mail.

The Amber Room was made in Prussia and was in the Catherine Palace for a long time. But during the Great Patriotic War, German troops dismantled it and took it to Konigsberg. Further traces of the room are lost.

A work of art was considered irretrievably lost for many decades. But in May 2021, Polish divers discovered the German ship Karlsruhe at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It was sunk by the Royal Navy in 1945, 43 miles from the coastal town of Ustka.

Researchers have reason to believe that Karlsruhe could transport the Amber Room. The vessel set off on its last voyage from Konigsberg with 360 tons of cargo on board. He was accompanied by guards, which indicated the presence of large valuables on board.

“It was in Konigsberg that the Amber Chamber was seen for the last time. If the Germans were going to ferry the Amber Chamber across the Baltic Sea, then the Karlsruhe steamer was their last chance, ”said the head of the expedition, Tomek Stachura.

The vessel lies at a depth of 289 feet (88 meters). Divers first used underwater robots with cameras for research and discovered many locked cargo boxes. They intend to open these containers and establish their contents.

During the inspection, the researchers also noticed military equipment, porcelain, remains of picture frames and half-decayed canvases. The design of some of the boxes shows that they may have been taken from museums.

Earlier it was reported that traces of the Amber Room were found in a Kaliningrad bunker. Scientists have discovered a flooded chamber filled with boxes.

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