Polish doctors allowed to examine Saakashvili


Polish doctors allowed to examine Saakashvili

Mikheil Saakashvili's condition is deteriorating every day. The entire civilized world calls on the Georgian authorities to allow the politician to be rescued.

Sky News managed to get Saakashvili's written comment about his health. The politician is fighting for his life.

Saakashvili said that he had lost almost 60 kilograms. If the weight continues to decline, doctors predict multiple organ failure. The politician said that his bones are actually disintegrating, it hurts like hell.

Shalva Khachapuridze – Saakashvili's lawyer – said that the situation is really terrible. The politician resembles “a prisoner of a concentration camp in Nazi Germany.”

Polish doctors will be able to examine the politician

Journalist Rikard Jozwiak said that Polish doctors would be allowed to enter Saakashvili. At the same time, the politician will not be able to go for treatment.

It is still unknown when the doctors will arrive in Poland. Yozwiak also did not disclose any other details.

Earlier it became known that Poland is ready to take Saakashvili for treatment. Poland warned the Georgian side: “if Saakashvili dies, his death will cast a shadow on Georgia's relations with the European Union, the US and NATO.”

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