Political scientist warned of the threat of war between the United States and China

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Political scientist warned of the threat of war between the United States and China

American political scientist Christopher Lane drew attention to the fact that the United States and China have embarked on a course of armed confrontation. He wrote about this in an article for Foreign Affairs magazine.

In his opinion, Beijing and Washington are fighting for international status and prestige, and the current stop repeats the situation on the eve of the First World War. Then Great Britain began to lose its hegemonic status in the region due to the growing military and economic power of Germany. Now the stumbling block is Southeast Asia, which the United States and China include in their sphere of interests.

The pushing factor for the confrontation is the US-China relationship, which is in a state of free fall. Economic ties are on the verge of severing due to the trade war unleashed by Donald Trump, and US technology policies are aimed at taking Chinese firms like Huawei out of business.

Also, the reason for the start of the war may be the Korean Peninsula – the United States and China may be on opposite sides of the conflict. In addition, tensions in the region have grown due to the military maneuvers of both powers in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait. Washington is also challenging Beijing's long-standing perceptions of Taiwan's status, moving closer to recognizing the island's independence from China and openly acknowledging its military commitment to defend Taiwan.

It is noted that even the presence of nuclear weapons in opponents will not save from a new war. Lane suggests that countries will rely on targeted strikes to avoid apocalyptic destruction.

“The question of whether the United States will be able to peacefully cede its dominance in East Asia and recognize China as an equal great power remains open. If Washington does not do this, it will find itself on the path of a war, in comparison with which the military disasters in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq will turn out to be a pale shadow, ”the political scientist concluded.

At the end of October, China was predicted to have economic dominance over the United States for 10 years. This was written by the American Bloomberg agency against the background of the speech of Chinese President Xi Jinping at the opening of the fifth plenary session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. As the agency pointed out, if in the coming years the growth rate of Chinese GDP remains at the same level, then the economy of China, which currently ranks second in the world, will overtake the economy of the United States, the current leader of the rating, within a decade.

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