Politico found out what weapons Chinese companies supply to Russia


Politico found out what weapons Chinese companies supply to Russia

Chinese companies, including government ones, send weapons to Russia. And it may well be used by the invaders at the front.

The supply took place between June and December 2022. China North Industries Group Corporation Limited, one of the country's largest state-owned defense contractors, sent rifles to the Russian company Tekhkrim in June 2022, which does business with the Russian state and the military.

What weapons did China supply to Russia

According to journalists, Chinese companies, including those associated with the Chinese government, sent 1,000 assault rifles and many other equipment to Russia.

In particular, the CQ-A rifles, modeled after the M16 but labeled “civilian hunting rifles” in the data, are freely used by the Chinese police and military. Consequently, they may well be used by the Russian occupiers.

In addition, at the end of 2022, Russian organizations received 12 batches of spare parts for drones and more than 12 tons of Chinese body armor from China. The supply took place through Turkey.

In addition, Da-Jiang Innovations Science & Technology Co, also known as DJI, shipped drone parts such as batteries and cameras to Russians via the UAE in November and December 2022.

Not only Chinese companies help Russia

  • In December 2022, Russia managed to import over 800 tons of body armor worth about $10 million from the Turkish company Ariteks. Most of them were delivered directly from Turkey, although some shipments arrived in Russia through the UAE.
  • In addition, since 2022, the Russian state defense company Rosoboronexport has been importing microchips, thermal imagers and spare parts (including engines) from various countries – from China to Serbia and Myanmar.

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