Poltava region was shaken by a tangible earthquake


Poltava region was rocked by a perceptible earthquake

On the evening of May 26, residents of the Poltava region felt tremors. The reason for this was an earthquake of magnitude 3.5 on the Richter scale.

The epicenter of the earthquake was recorded about 30 kilometers west of Poltava. Local residents online note that they felt tremors.

What is known about the earthquake in Poltava region

The earthquake was recorded at about 21:38 Kyiv time in the Reshetilovsky district of the region near the villages of Belokoni and Kukobovka. The epicenter of the earthquake lay at a depth of 7 kilometers.

According to the international classification, this earthquake is classified as weak. Not all people feel it.

The fluctuations are felt only by certain people who are in a calm state indoors, especially on the upper floors, the Main Center for Special Control noted.

Also, experts note that this is not the first earthquake in recent months, which was recorded in the region. For example, on October 3, 2022, an earthquake of magnitude 3.4 was recorded in the region, and on January 14, 2023 – 2.7.

Scientists are asking local residents, if they felt an earthquake, to write to them to help in research. You can write to the Main Center for Special Control here.

Lviv region was covered by powerful hail

On the afternoon of May 26, a powerful hail fell in Zolochiv, Lviv region. Local residents posted footage online showing the hail was the size of a chicken egg.

The hail literally covered the ground. There are no reports of casualties or damage to buildings due to the fall of such a large hail.

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