Poroshenko’s asylum and “discrimination of Russian speakers”: what Putin said after talks with Macron

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Убежище Порошенко и

The head of the aggressor country once again criticized the policy of “open doors” of NATO.

The conversation between the Presidents of Russia and France, Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron, which lasted more than five hours, ended in Moscow.

What did the head of the aggressor country say after negotiations with Macron, the article says ТСН.иа .

Putin noted. that the negotiations were beneficial for both sides. He admitted that he had agreed with Macron to talk again after the French president visits Kiev.

“Security guarantees” and NATO

Putin will accuse the United States and NATO of non-compliance with security guarantees.

“We continued to exchange views on the positions proposed by Russia on long-term security guarantees. They contain three main key points: the non-expansion of NATO to the East, the refusal to deploy weapons on the Russian borders and the return of the state of the Alliance before 1997,” he said.

The president of the aggressor country admitted that he debated with Macron about the actions of NATO. Putin does not like the “open door” policy of the Alliance, he sees this as a threat to the Russian Federation.

“The open door policy of NATO is a free interpretation of the principles of the Alliance, which is necessary only for the United States, and possibly for some other members,” the head of the aggressor country believes.

Putin was also afraid that NATO had called Russia an enemy in its strategy.

Donbass and the Minsk Agreements

Putin accused Ukraine that “Kiev has taken a course to dismantle the Minsk agreements” and refuses direct dialogue with militants in the Donbas.

“Like it or not, be patient, my beauty,” he said, referring to Ukraine regarding the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Putin believes that there is no alternative to Minsk, so it must be implemented.

For some reason, the head of the aggressor country decided that Ukraine would solve the “problem in the Donbas” by force. He counted three attempts when Kiev allegedly tried to do so.

As for the tightening of Russian troops to the borders, Putin said that Ukraine allegedly also transferred more than 100 thousand military personnel closer to the Donbass.

Poroshenko’s Shelter

Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s readiness to grant political asylum to the current People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko,

Putin called excessive persecution of the ex-president in Ukraine.

“Poroshenko was ironic about this at the time. Today I want to confirm my proposals, despite our serious differences on the settlement in the Donbas,” he said.

“Discrimination” of Russian speakers

The president of the aggressor country could not help but recall the Kremlin’s favorite fable: “persecution of Russian-speakers in Ukraine.

“I am concerned that discrimination against the Russian—speaking population is being consolidated at the legislative level in Ukraine, which is denied both recognition as an indigenous people in their native land and the use of their native language,” Putin complains.

“Ukraine will attack Crimea”

The president of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin, rather sharply threatened the Alliance: “Do you want to fight with Russia?”

Putin believes that if Ukraine is accepted into NATO, it will attack Crimea, and this will entail a war between the Alliance and the Russian Federation.

“Imagine that Ukraine is a member of NATO. The fifth article of NATO has not been canceled. On the contrary, Joe Biden said that the fifth article is an absolute imperative. And it will be executed. Consequently, there will be a military confrontation with NATO. I want to ask you, do you want to fight with Russia? Do you want France to go to war with Russia? But it will be so,” he answered a question from a French journalist.

According to Putin, “there will be no winner in the conflict between NATO and Russia.”

As previously reported, on Monday, February 7, French President Emmanuel Macron flew to Moscow.

Before the conversation with Putin, he said that we need to be realistic.

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