Portugal will give Ukraine 14 armored personnel carriers, ammunition and medical equipment


Portugal will donate 14 APCs, ammunition and medical equipment to Ukraine

Western countries continue to help the Armed Forces fight the Russian invaders. In particular, it became known that Lisbon will provide Kyiv with more than a dozen armored personnel carriers and high-capacity electric generators.

On Friday, January 20, Germany hosted a meeting of Ukraine's partners in the city of Ramstein. After it, Western media reported, citing the Portuguese Ministry of Defense, that the Ukrainian army would receive armored vehicles and 8 electric generators from the state government.

Lisbon stands in solidarity with Kyiv

The total amount of weapons that Portugal has provided us is already 532 tons. This is stated in the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the country, headed by José Pedro Aguilar-Branco.

Portugal will send to Ukraine a second batch of weapons from 14 M113 armored personnel carriers, 8 powerful generators for generating electricity, more than 120 mm of ammunition and two tons of medical and sanitary equipment, the document says.

Actually, this news is another evidence that the West is ready to support as much as it takes. And do not believe the Kremlin's lies that over time, the interest of European countries and the United States in the war in Ukraine will decrease.

The results of “Ramstein” and a new aid package from the US

  • On the topic of “Ramstein”, it should be said that the allied countries have not made a decision to provide our state with Leopard tanks. However, Poland is still optimistic about this. This was stated by the country's Minister of Defense Mariusz Blashak. He stated that by the end of March, Poland plans to deliver equipment to Ukraine and train Ukrainian soldiers.
  • President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky also summed up the meeting. The head of our state noted that Ukraine will still have to fight for tanks, however, our diplomats are doing everything to ensure that the decision to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with tanks is made in the near future.
  • In addition, on the eve of Ramstein, Washington reported that they will provide Kyiv with a new package of military assistance. In particular, it will contain missiles for NASAMS air defense systems, which will help shoot down enemy missiles and drones.

What will be in the new military aid package from the United States/Channel 24 Picture

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