Possible fire hazard: Mercedes calls back 264,000 cars


This affects C-Class and GLC vehicles built between 2016 and 2020. Connections to gas lines in the inerting system could be faulty.

Possible fire hazard: Mercedes calls back 264,000 cars

Mercedes-Benz is recalling more than 264,000 cars worldwide because of a possible fault in a fire protection system. It is about a possibly faulty connection of gas lines in the so-called inerting system, as a spokesman confirmed on Thursday. This is used to distribute argon gas in the event of an accident so that the R1234yf refrigerant in the air conditioning system does not catch fire if it comes into contact with hot engine parts.

According to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, exactly 264,393 C-Class and GLC vehicles built between 2016 and 2020 are affected worldwide, 120,766 of them in Germany. “Due to a faulty inerting system, there is an increased risk of fire if an accident occurs,” says kba-online.de. Inerting is the process of adding inert substances (gas or powder). The cars are to be checked in the workshop and possible faults in the gas lines repaired.

After the use of another refrigerant was banned, Daimler refused to use R1234yf for a long time. From the car manufacturer's point of view, there was a risk that toxic gases would be produced in the event of an ignition, for example in an accident. That is why the inerting system was developed. In current vehicles, according to the spokesman, it is no longer necessary due to a completely different architecture.

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