Possible options for Trump's victory in the presidential election are described

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Possible options for Trump's victory in the presidential election are described

To win the presidential election, incumbent US leader Donald Trump will likely need to win in the faltering state of Pennsylvania. However, the head of state has other ways, the Financial Times describes the possible options in its material.

As the newspaper notes, despite the fact that so far, according to polls, Trump is lagging behind his opponent, the candidate from the Democratic Party of the United States Joe Biden, at the national level, the incumbent president can still secure himself re-election to a second term by winning the faltering states. First of all, we are talking about Pennsylvania, which is the second among all undecided states in terms of the number of votes – 20.

It was the victory in Pennsylvania that largely decided the outcome of the 2016 elections and allowed Trump to become the head of the White House, writes the Financial Times. In addition, Trump is currently only 5.7 percent behind Biden in this state, which is fairly easy to win back. Support from Pennsylvania and Nevada will ensure Trump's victory, even if he loses in all other faltering states.

However, according to the publication, Trump can win without Pennsylvania. To do this, he will have to get hold of Florida and North Carolina – the states where he won in 2016, but is so far behind in the current race – as well as at least two other hesitant states, such as Nevada and Arizona, where he is also behind Biden. or Minnesota, which hasn't voted Republican since 1972. The president is expected to hold several major events at once in Nevada and Arizona after a series of rallies in Pennsylvania in the hope of strengthening his position in these states on the eve of elections.

According to one scenario, Arizona, Minnesota and Wisconsin will help Trump compensate for the loss of Pennsylvania. If the American leader cannot get Michigan as well, he will also need Nevada. At the same time, during a recent meeting with voters, Biden said that he was quite confident in support from Michigan and Wisconsin and, by the grace of God, would leave Pennsylvania behind.

In addition, the Financial Times notes, it cannot be ruled out that Trump will win in the same states as in the previous elections.

Earlier in October, it was reported that according to polls by the University of Wisconsin and YouGov, Biden is well ahead of Trump in three states, whose support in 2016 allowed the Republican to win the fight for the White House. It was noted that the Democratic candidate is 10 percentage points ahead of the incumbent in Michigan, eight in Pennsylvania and nine in Wisconsin.

According to polls, Biden has only recently increased his lead over Trump. Thus, in mid-October it was reported that the Democrat was 17 percentage points ahead of the Republican: 57 percent of voters intend to vote for Biden, while only 40 percent – for the incumbent president. At the same time, Trump himself claims that he will be able to win the elections, as he did four years ago.

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