“Posted at the request of Colonel Daniil”: Medvedev melted due to Trump's “arrest”


Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council and former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev again decided to “dilute” the evening with his not very adequate messages. This time, he was very hurt by the announcement of the arrest by former US President Donald Trump.

Dmitry Medvedev published another “masterpiece” in his telegram, Channel 24 reports. The ex-president of Russia decided to support Trump and did it, as usual, in a rude manner.

It's too late for Medvedev to take medicine

Dmitry Medvedev is outraged that just yesterday in Europe they wanted to detain someone else, meaning Putin, and next Tuesday in the United States the Americans want to detain “their own”. Therefore, the former president of a country in which a dictatorship is now actively flourishing, calls on Americans to “destroy tyranny.”

Fools in Europe wanted to arrest someone else, and on March 21 they will arrest their own in America. Take back your country, Americans! To battle! Destroy the tyranny of Washington! Send to the stinking dustbin of history a corrupt clique of insane “pig-killers” – the father and son of the Bidens, – Medvedev issued.

And then the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council added that this post was posted “at the request of Colonel Daniil Fedorovich Trump.”

Trump announces he will be arrested

Former US President Donald Trump announced on his social network Truth Social that he will be arrested on Tuesday, March 21.

Trump said the New York City Attorney is looking into charges of hiding money paid to women who spoke about having sex with him. Trump called on his fans to protest.

The media noted that law enforcement officers in New York are conducting preparatory security measures in case Trump could be charged.

No time frame has been publicly announced for a clandestine grand jury in the case, including any potential vote to indict the ex-president.

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