Potential 3 areas of a new Russian attack: Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine assessed the threat


Potential 3 vectors for a new Russian attack: Armed Forces colonel assessed the threat

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">Occupiers are carrying out offensive operations in the Orekhov region of Zaporozhye, as well as to the east of the city in the Malinovka region and to the west near Stepne. However, the Russians will not be able to carry out a large-scale offensive in the Zaporozhye direction.

Thus, the total number of occupying troops in the Zaporozhye direction is insufficient to implement such a plan of the enemy. Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military expert and pilot-instructor Roman Svitan told about this Channel 24.

Where the invaders are trying to go on the offensive

So the Russian invaders perform the tasks of army intelligence, namely, they carry out reconnaissance in combat. In addition, the occupiers are trying to occupy the gray zone and are shelling our bases in the area of ​​Orekhov and Gulyaipol. Two powerful bases of Ukrainian defenders are located in these settlements.

Now the Russians are shelling both Orekhov and Gulyaipole. Our troops are stationed at these bases, which are preparing to move from near Orekhov through Tokmak to Melitopol and from Gulyaipol through Chernigovka to Berdyansk. – said the colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In his opinion, these two directions are the most likely for a potential counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That is why the Russian occupiers are shelling these settlements and trying to restrain our fighters with certain actions. However, the total number of troops is absolutely not enough to move from these points.

Svitan said where the invaders are trying to go on the offensive: watch the video

“Despite this, the advance of the Russians in the gray zones to the first rows of our fortifications – the first line of defense,” the military expert said.

Situation in other areas: in brief

  • As for other areas, the front line in the Lugansk region is mostly stabilized, with the exception of a section in the Kremennaya area. Intense battles continue there, each side is trying to achieve internal superiority.
  • The situation on the Svatovo-Kremennaya direction is stably difficult. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that our fighters have some success in this direction, but so far they cannot talk about them.
  • At the same time, desperate fighting continues in the Donetsk direction, in particular in the area of ​​​​Bakhmut, Avdiivka and Marinka. The invaders are trying to advance. And all because the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin set the occupying army the task of reaching the administrative borders of the Donetsk region before March.
  • In the south of Ukraine, active work of artillery continues, and from both sides. The Russian occupiers are constantly trying to influence our front line.
  • But the Ukrainian defenders constantly strike not only at the front line of the enemy, but also exert a fiery influence on the places of concentration of personnel, bases and ammunition depots of the occupiers. On the left bank of the Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are attacking Russian invaders in the Melitopol region.

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