Power outage in Ukraine: network restrictions still remain in 5 regions


Power outage in Ukraine: network restrictions still remain in 5 regions

After a massive Russian missile attack on March 9, network restrictions remain in five regions of Ukraine. Rocket attacks by the occupiers damaged the network.

As of March 15, network restrictions remain in the Zhytomyr and Kharkiv regions. These regions suffered the heaviest damage to networks as a result of the March 9 attack.

Network restrictions are stored in Kyiv

Also, there are still network restrictions in the Poltava region, Sumy region, Kiev region and Kyiv.

In this regard, with an increase in consumption in these regions, consumption restrictions are possible in order to avoid overloading the equipment in operation and accidents, the report says.

It is reported that more time is needed to restore the reliability of power supply to large regional centers to the level that was in the power system before the full-scale invasion.

In other regions, there are no restrictions in the networks of Ukrenergo that would lead to the need to limit consumers. There were no consumption limits in the region.

Where is the hardest situation?

Ukrenergo informs that the situation in the regions along the front line remains difficult. In particular, on March 14, energy infrastructure facilities were damaged in the Donetsk region, as well as in the Kherson region.

In the Odessa region, Ukrenergo has completed emergency recovery work, and work continues there to improve power supply reliability.

Restoration work also continues at all Ukrenergo facilities damaged by Russian attacks.

At the same time, as of March 15, all types of power plants are operating in Ukraine. Electricity generation is sufficient to cover consumption.

Ukrenergo said that the operation of one of the power units of power plants was resumed, which slightly increased the available amount of generating capacity in the energy system. There is also a small import of electricity.

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