Preliminary cause of Boeing 737 crash in Indonesia named

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Preliminary cause of Boeing 737 crash in Indonesia named

The crash in Indonesia of a Sriwijaya Air passenger Boeing 737-524 could have been a malfunction of the engine control system and an attempt by the crew to fix it. RIA Novosti reported about it with reference to the Wall Street Journal.

According to sources familiar with the course of the investigation of the plane crash, the flight recorder records show that the pilots encountered a failure of the autothrottle of one of the two engines, which controlled a number of aircraft flight parameters. However, the crew did not turn off the system as it should be according to the instructions, but tried to restore its operability. This could cause an imbalance in the load on the engines and complicate the control of the aircraft, the newspaper writes.

It is also noted that Boeing 737 aircraft are able to fly safely with one engine running, and pilots are trained to act in such situations.

Earlier it was reported that the cause of the plane crash could be its passage through a thunderstorm front, as a result of which it found itself in a zone of strong turbulence. It turned out that at the time of takeoff, clouds were visible within a radius of 15 kilometers, heavy precipitation and a thunderstorm were observed. Visibility at that moment was about two kilometers, which did not interfere with takeoff and landing. Later it became known that the passenger Boeing 737-524 of Sriwijaya Air that crashed in Indonesia could have collapsed on impact.

The plane of the Indonesian airline Sriwijaya Air, en route from Jakarta to Pontianak, disappeared from radar on January 9, four minutes after takeoff. Later it became known that the plane fell into the water. It was reported that 62 people could be on board, including ten children. No survivors reported.

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