Preparing an alibi for himself, – military expert explained Prigozhin's latest statements


Preparing an alibi for himself, - military expert explained Prigozhin's latest statements

The owner of PMC “Wagner” actually refuted Russian propaganda and said that Russia is at war with Ukraine, not the North Atlantic Alliance. This well reflects the real situation in the Kremlin.

So, due to failures at the front and the lack of prospects in Russia, the destruction of the system of subordination in the state and the army began. This opinion was expressed to Channel 24 by Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in reserve military expert Igor Romanenko.

Prigogine tries to save himself

Prigogine feels that his Wagnerites will not be able to complete the task. Thus, PMC “Wagner” suffered huge losses in the war in Ukraine.

In addition, Valery Gerasimov is also transferring part of Prigozhin's private army to the Zaporozhye direction. This began to be done so that the glory of the alleged “capture” of Bakhmut went only to the regular army of Russia.

So, the situation in Russia is escalating, and the military-political struggle is growing. Consequently, the owner of PMC “Wagner” is looking for ways to survive.

Under such conditions, Prigozhin prepares an alibi for himself, an excuse, and fights for some prospects of survival,” explained Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Romanenko commented on Prigozhin's statements: watch the video

What Prigogine said

The owner of the Wagner PMC said that Russia is fighting “exclusively with Ukrainians” who are equipped with NATO-provided equipment and some “Russophobic” mercenaries who voluntarily support Ukraine, but not with the North Atlantic Alliance itself. Prigogine also added that:

  • not sure about the purpose of “denazification” in Ukraine, because he no longer knows if there are “Nazis” in Ukraine;
  • Russia “demilitarizes” Ukraine only when all Ukrainian troops are destroyed. Allegedly, these efforts are ongoing, but it is not yet clear whether they will be successful.

In addition, “Putin's cook” called on the Russian military and the media to stop underestimating Ukrainian forces and “interference in internal conflicts.”

Political strategist Boris Tizenhausen is convinced that Prigozhin is trying to stay in the information space. And for this, every time he needs to say some things that will resonate in the aggressor country.

However, “Putin's chef” does not understand the threat such statements pose to him. Indeed, in Russia, those who are not invested in the main agenda are liquidated.

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