Preparing the population is very important: the Prytula Foundation spoke about the Civil Readiness Centers


Preparing the population is very important: the Prytula Foundation spoke about the Civil Readiness Centers

One of the areas of work of the Serhiy Prytula Foundation is to prepare civilians for the possible need to take up arms and defend their country. Civilians are taught military and near-military disciplines in order to defeat Russia with quality.

Aleksey Serdyukov, coordinator of the project of the Civil Readiness Centers of the Shelters Foundation, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, Ukraine cannot defeat Russia quantitatively, because there are much more Russians than Ukrainians, but it is possible to win thanks to the high-quality training of the entire population.

The enemy cannot be defeated by quantity

Aleksey Serdyukov said that the Civil Readiness Centers work on the philosophy of improving the quality skills of civilians in military affairs and preparing them for the fact that one day they will have to take up arms to defend the country.

The logic and philosophy of this project comes from the fact that we understand that Russia is an enemy that we cannot defeat solely quantitatively. There are simply a lot more of them than us, so we must resist precisely in a qualitative way, and we can resist qualitatively by raising the level of training of our citizens, – said the project coordinator.

Alexey Serdyukov noted that the project has 3 main tasks :

  1. Preparation for mobilization;

“Its goal is to reduce the amount of time a person has in case of mobilization through preparation specifically for mobilization,” Serdyukov said.

  1. readiness in case of a critical situation;

The Civil Readiness Center prepares citizens for the fact that at some time mobilization can become sudden and complete, and it is possible that people can get to the front only with the knowledge that they have.

  1. Teaching on various topics.

The centers help people develop the skills that they consider most useful in themselves for victory. If a person is clearly aware that, for example, he can be a binder and has the appropriate skills, he is helped to work in this direction.

How Readiness Centers from the Shelters Foundation prepare civilians for war: watch the video

The project coordinator of the Civil Readiness Centers said that from the very beginning, the pilot project was launched in Poltava, where it showed strong demand from the population, and now such centers are already in almost all regional centers and continue to scale.

How to get into training

To join the training, you need to find the page of the Civil Readiness Center in your city on the social network Facebook or Instagram. On the pages of the Center, schedules are published for which you can register through an electronic form.

After registration, the organizers will contact the potential participant and notify the time and place of training. In this case, you can choose the direction you are interested in and pass only what the person considers necessary.

“90% of our instructors are military with combat experience. They are willing to cooperate because they understand that it is very important to train civilians. The other 10% may be police representatives or civilians with specific knowledge and skills,” said the project coordinator .

Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Serhiy Prytula Foundation: latest news

  • Ukrainian intelligence said that thanks to a space satellite purchased at the initiative of the fund, it was possible to carry out space reconnaissance of about 1,000 areas where Russian units were located.
  • Since September 24, 2022, 360 tents have been found in the locations of the Russian occupation army, as well as 7,321 objects of enemy military and special equipment.
  • On March 1-2, 2023, the first 24 Spartan armored personnel carriers arrived in Ukraine.

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