Presentation of the crown prince: why it was important for Putin to meet with Kadyrov Jr.


Presentation of the crown prince: why it was important for Putin to meet with Kadyrov Jr.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin met with the son of the self-proclaimed head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, 17-year-old Akhmat. Thus, Putin decided to show Kadyrov's successor.

At the same time, Kadyrov Sr. met with the head of the Kremlin after the death of his father, when he was 27 years old. Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko told Channel 24 about this.

Why did Putin meet with Kadyrov's son

This meeting is an attempt to show the successor to the self-proclaimed leader of Chechnya and the creation of the so-called “Kadyrov dynasty”. Thus, it is possible to explain why the President of Russia should meet with a teenager.

In most cases, it is obvious that this is a “successor” operation. Thus, Putin shows the “crown prince”. This is the most obvious option, because in fact, letting go of power from the hands of the “Kadyrov clan” is quite dangerous for Putin,” a Russian opposition journalist suggested.

In his opinion, if Kadyrov loses power, then Chechnya can “go into a frenzy.” Moreover, the opinion that this meeting testifies to the formation of a dynasty in Chechnya is also shared by experts who understand its internal processes.

Yakovenko suggested why Putin met with Kadyrov's son: watch the video

Kadyrov senior has serious health problems

Bild journalists noted that the self-proclaimed leader of Chechnya has gained a lot of weight over the past few months. In addition, the video shows that he simply cannot open his eyes.

Most likely, Kadyrov has serious kidney problems. At least, this is what the former Deputy Prime Minister of Chechnya, Akhmad Zakayev, who lives in exile, claims.

Kidney problems explain his bloated body. They say that Kadyrov even brought a doctor from the United Arab Emirates to Chechnya, because he does not trust doctors in Russia, Bild stated, citing Akhmad Zakayev.

In addition, recently Kadyrov met with the leader of the militants, Denis Pushilin. On the published footage, you can see that the appearance of the head of the Tiktok troops has not changed for the better.

Moreover, a medical device was noticed on his index finger. The device is similar to a portable pulse oximeter that monitors the level of oxygen in the blood.

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