President holds about 10 talks every day – Podolyak on providing tanks to Ukraine


President holds about 10 talks every day, – Podolyak on providing tanks to Ukraine

Ukraine expects to receive Western tanks to launch a counteroffensive against Russian troops. And President Volodymyr Zelensky holds several negotiations every day on their supply.

This Channel 24said Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Presidential Office. According to him, Leopard tanks are the most optimal for conducting the current stage of the war, because they allow you to very quickly form a logistical repair base.

Ukraine will receive tanks

Podolyak stressed that tanks are now the key instrument of a particular stage of the war. Therefore, Ukraine will receive all the necessary tanks from different countries. And when they begin to arrive in Ukraine, then it will be possible to specifically say that certain tanks have arrived to us.

That is, not previously, but after the fact. This is very important, – stressed the adviser to the head of the OP.

In his opinion, this will be discussed directly by the governments of the countries, and by Zelensky as the person who has done the most to ensure that we receive these tanks.

Because every day a dozen various negotiation processes with the President of Ukraine on the specific military capabilities of Ukraine, including tanks, Podolyak said.

He recalled Jens Stoltenberg's statement that Germany would agree to transfer Leopard tanks to us and also supply a certain number of tanks. That is, they are talking not about dozens, but about hundreds of tanks.

Podolyak about the supply of Leopard tanks to Ukraine: watch the video

What else does Ukraine need

Podolyak noted that the Leopard are the key tanks of continental Europe and the most optimal for the current stage of the war, as they allow you to very quickly form a logistical repair base.

This is very important, because logistics is a key element of any war, – said the adviser to the head of the OP.

After all, he stressed, each stage of the war has certain tools. Ukraine at every stage receives those that it needs. Because everyone understands the importance of transferring this or that tool to Ukraine at a particular moment.

He added that the next fantastic dreams of Ukraine are certain aircraft and long-range missiles. Aircraft are needed to destroy enemy ranks, and missiles will allow to eliminate the mobilized reserve and resource that Russia has brought to the occupied territories.

What is known about Leopard tanks for Ukraine

  • After several months of debate, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz decided to transfer battle tanks to Ukraine. According to Spiegel, at least one company is talking about Leopard 2A6. At the same time, there is no official information about the decision yet.
  • During the meeting of international allies in the Ramstein format, which took place on January 20 , 12 countries supported the provision of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. Poland and Finland have already publicly stated that they are ready to provide these tanks to our state.
  • More and more states join the list of those who reflect on the supply of modern tanks to Ukraine to fight the invaders. Now Norway and the Netherlands are among the partner countries.

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