Presidents of nine countries receive the Shnobel Prize due to the coronavirus pandemic

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Presidents of nine countries receive the Shnobel Prize due to the coronavirus pandemic

Presidents of nine countries, including Russia, the United States, Belarus, Brazil, the United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Turkey and Turkmenistan, have received the Ig Nobel Prize due to the coronavirus pandemic. The award ceremony was broadcast on the Improbable portal.

The 30th Pandemic Awards took place online in the US on Thursday 17 September.

The leaders of the countries were awarded the Medical Education award for teaching the world that politicians during a pandemic can have a greater impact on life and death than scientists and doctors.

The organizers recalled that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is receiving the Shnobel Prize for the second time. In 2013, he received the award “for the ban on public applause.” Also, the organizers awarded him for the fact that the police “arrested a one-armed man for applause.”

In the Peace category, the award went to the Governments of India and Pakistan. The prize in economics was awarded to scientists who tried to identify the relationship between wealth and the number of kisses in a country. The Shnobel Prize in Psychology was awarded to representatives of Canada and the United States “for researching the relationship between eyebrow shape and narcissism.”

The prize has been awarded since 1999 in 10 areas, some of which coincide with the areas of the Nobel Prize. Laureates receive a counterfeit ten trillion Zimbabwean dollar bill.

On September 18, the number of detected cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus in the world exceeded 30 million. 943,203 patients died, another 20.39 million people were cured.

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