Prigozhin admitted for the first time that he owns the Wagner PPK


Prigozhin admits for the first time that he owns the Wagner PPK

Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin officially admitted for the first time that since 2014 he has owned the Wagner PVK. Prior to that, he denied this information.

Prigozhin admitted that he owns the Wagner PVC

This statement was made public by the company ” cooks” Vladimir Putin “Concorde” in Russian social networks banned in Ukraine, channel 24 reports.

In 2014, I, like many other businessmen , went to the training grounds where the “Cossacks” gathered, and tried to overspend in order to recruit a group that would go and protect the Russians, Prigozhin said.

However, according to the businessman, there were only scammers at these training grounds. So he decided to gather people and weapons himself.

“From that moment, on May 1, 2014, a group of patriots was born, which later became known as the BTG” Wagner, “said Putin's “cook.”


He further lied about how the Wagnerites “dismissed” the Donbass, and did not destroy it, as it really was.

As a businessman denied involvement in the militants

Many For years, Prigozhin denied any involvement in the Wagnerites. He was even “surprised at the existence of the PIK.” In September, a video appeared on the network in which Putin’s puppet called on prisoners to join the “Wagner” PIK. At the same time, he promised forgiveness of all crimes and sending them home after the front. The only crime, they say, is desertion.

Recently, Prigozhin even said that his son is a Wagnerian and now he is supposedly in a “hot spot”.

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