Prigozhin is the ideologist of the selection in PMC “Wagner” – Kovalenko called the criteria


Prigozhin is the ideologist of selection in PMC "Wagner", – Kovalenko named the criteria

Recently, footage has appeared on the net in which Russian prisoners are being agitated to go to war against Ukraine. This process is headed by Putin's well-known henchman Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Moreover, he is the ideologist of a very serious selection of candidates for the ranks of the Wagner PMC. Alexander Kovalenko, military-political observer of the Information Resistance group, said this to Channel 24.

Selection criteria for Wagner PMC

According to the observer, it was Prigozhin who was the person who tried to:

  • select mercenaries under the age of 40 from the Wagner PMC;
  • search not conscripts, but soldiers with combat experience or experience in the ranks of the Russian armed forces;
  • not allow mercenaries with a criminal record to join.

And now he is gathering convicts. We understand what a humiliation this is,” Kovalenko emphasized.

In Russia, Wagner was indeed considered an elite private military company. Now it's a group of criminals. However, you need to understand, the observer notes, that the zone also has its own rules. According to the laws of the criminal world, a prisoner who goes from prison to war in order to reduce his term is “lowered”.

That is, this is the bottom. Today PMC “Wagner” is no longer the elite of Russia's law enforcement agencies. This is a private military company of the “lowered”, summed up Alexander Kovalenko.

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