Pro-Russian parties will have no chance for revanchism after war – Stefanchuk


After the war, pro-Russian parties will have no chance for revanchism, – Stefanchuk

Council plans to adopt mechanisms to ban pro-Russian parties/collage of Channel 24

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk said that the pro-Russian parties in Ukraine have no chance for revenge after the war. He assures that there can be no other parties in Ukraine except pro-Ukrainian ones.

The Council plans to adopt mechanisms for banning pro-Russian parties

Stefanchuk said that the Verkhovna Rada began to develop mechanisms prohibition of pro-Russian parties in Ukraine. According to him, the deputies adopted the relevant bill in the first reading.

“The Supreme Council in the first reading adopted the relevant bill – on the ban on pro-Russian parties. I think that at the next plenary meeting we will already adopt this document as a whole. There are a number of amendments that are now being considered in the committee,” Stefanchuk said.

He said that the bill contains the position that in Ukraine, apart from pro-Ukrainian parties, there can be no other parties.

Because all parties must be united by serving the Ukrainian people. And those who profess the interests of other countries do not have the right to be represented either in politics or in society. – said the chairman of the Council.

Any pro-Russian party will have no chance, – Stefanchuk

Stefanchuk is sure that pro-Russian parties will not have a chance for revenge after what Russia has done in Ukraine.

After what Russia is doing in Ukraine, I think that any pro-Russian party, even among their traditional electorate of the South or East, simply will not have a chance. – he said.

The head of the parliament said that all Ukrainians, regardless of political views, were under the bullets of the Russian occupiers.

“Because under the fire of Russian balls, Ukrainians, regardless of political views, turned into a very powerful and united nation, for which the state and Ukrainian ideals, the protection of our sovereignty and territorial integrity are the main ones. Therefore, I am convinced that there can be no chances for revanchism in Ukraine,” Stefanchuk summed up.

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