Pro-Russian President Vučić wins Serbian elections, exit poll


Pro-Russian President Vucic wins Serbian elections, – exit poll

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Pro-Russian President Aleksandar Vučić wins Serbian elections. This is both about his victory in the presidential elections, and about his party in the parliamentary ones.

This is evidenced by the data of the exit poll conducted by Ipsos and the Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSID). The elections were held in the country on Sunday, April 3.

Pro-Russian Vučić wins the elections in Serbia

The current President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić wins the presidential elections in Serbia tentatively, his party also leads in the early elections parliamentary.

In the presidential election, Aleksandar Vucic can win even in the first round – the exit poll gives him 59.8% of the vote, the message says.

< p> It is known that 87% of selection are already worked out. In particular, it is known that:

  • The party “Alexander Vuci – Together we can do everything” won 42.9% of the vote;
  • The opposition coalition “Unity for the sake of victory” with 12.9%, and the third – SPS-JS with 11.4%.

Preliminarily, Vučić's party won fewer votes than in the parliamentary elections in 2020. Then there was 60% support of the voters.

However, this time, allies from the Socialist Party, in 3rd place, can probably help the presidential party.

Pay attention! Aleksandr Vucic said at the end of March that he was ready to provide Belgrade as a place for Ukrainian-Russian negotiations. The President of Serbia explained that his country is worried about the war in Ukraine, because, they say, “some media support Ukraine, while others support Russia.” Vucic himself is a supporter of Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin.

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