Probably, our fighters are already mastering the Leopard, – Zhdanov allowed the timing of the delivery of tanks


Probably, our fighters are already mastering the Leopard, – Zhdanov admitted the delivery time of the tanks< /p>

Issues related to the supply of German Leopard tanks to Ukraine, despite some misunderstandings, are resolved rather quickly. So the equipment will arrive to us in record time.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told about this Channel 24. According to him, the countries will only have to arrange technical details.

When to wait for tanks

Oleg Zhdanov explained that many countries have expressed their desire to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine, so training our military should be no problem.

I understand that the mastery of these machines is already in full swing, he explained.

According to him, it is not a problem to send our troops. In particular, evidence that in just one day 100 Ukrainian soldiers went to the United States to figure out how to use the PATRIOT complex at the front.

“By the way, Spain said in the summer that they ready to take our tankers for training. I think that somewhere the crews are already being trained,” the military expert emphasized.

Zhdanov stressed that the statement of German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock should be taken into account. She really officially confirmed that Germany would soon agree for partner countries on the transfer of German tanks to Ukraine. So they can appear in Ukraine within one or two weeks.

The technical nuances should also be settled – how the tanks will be transported to the country.

I think that until mid-February, then in the next meeting in the Ramstein format, these tanks may be part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is quite likely,” Zhdanov stressed.

In his opinion, it is important for Ukraine today to have Leopard tanks.

Oleg Zhdanov told when, finally, German tanks will reach Ukraine: watch the video

Why Leopard is important

The military expert noted that the German tanks would be of strategic importance. They can play a key role among other heavy vehicles.

One ​​Leopard will cost a dozen Russian tanks on the battlefield, he said.

< p dir="ltr">According to Zhdanov, it is from such a prism that we need to staff or try to staff our Armed Forces of Ukraine. Moreover, the West may well meet the needs of Ukraine by recruiting 10 tanks from each country.

In his opinion, only Germany has a lot of Leopards in storage. In particular, there are 600 tanks in combat strength.

“The fact that information appears there today that 212 of them are only serviceable is already a question for the head of the Bundeswehr – that's how they were guided,” – he emphasized.

However, Ukraine has already received another 134 tanks.

“Don't forget that we are not completely empty-handed,” Zhdanov concentrated.

In addition, Cyprus is ready to provide Ukraine with 80 tanks. This will happen on the condition that they are given Leopard 2 tanks, they are ready to give us their T-80UD in the diesel version of this tank.

Tanks Leopard Breaking News

  • German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, who supports military assistance to Ukraine, said that Germany will not interfere with Poland's decision to transfer Leopard 2 without them agreement.
  • On January 23, Poland officially invited Germany's approval for the supply of Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine.
  • Germany is still ready to allow “certain countries” training tankers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Leopard. Ukraine will receive these tanks as soon as the agreement between the members of the tank coalition is ready.

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