Propagandist Solovyov was looking for a killer in the 90s: he wanted to kill a crime boss


Propagandist Solovyov was looking for a killer in the 90s: he wanted to kill a crime boss

Former FSB officer Sergei Astashin said that in the 90s, Vladimir Solovyov wanted to hire a killer. He claims that the propagandist wanted to order a crime boss.

In the 90s, Vladimir Solovyov was a successful businessman who had connections with crime and various gangs. Later, he had a conflict with thief in law Otario Kvantrishvili, so he decided to get even with him.

How Solovyov was looking for a killer through the FSB

Astashin says that while studying at the academy in 1993, Vladimir Solovyov contacted him through a mutual friend. He called the FSB officer to check for “bugs” in his office. Astashin agreed, and this is how Solovyov met.

After that, after 3-4 days, the propagandist again summoned the FSB officer and asked him to find a killer who would kill Kvantrishvili. Solovyov said that he was ready to pay 20 thousand dollars for such work, but the ex-employee refused.

The former FSB officer wrote a report and reported to his leadership about this conversation. But later he was ordered to forget about the meeting with Solovyov, and not to tell anyone about his “proposal”.

In 1994, Kvantrishvili was still killed, but Astashin believes that it was at that time that the FSB recruited the propagandist. In the 90s, Solovyov had some problems with business, but later they were resolved in a strange way. Astashin claims that the FSB helped in this.

Murder of thief in law Kvantrishvili

The case was solved only after 12 years. Then the investigation established that the killer was the well-known killer Alexei Sherstobitov, or “Lesha the Soldier” – that's what the gang called him.

Kvantrishvili was shot at the exit from the bathhouse, all 3 bullets hit the target. The killer admitted that he was hired by the criminal authority Sylvester, with whom Otari did not share the plant. For the murder, he was paid a three-room apartment in Moscow and a Zhiguli car.

It should be noted that then President Boris Yeltsin reacted to the death of the thief in law, and Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, NTV owner Vladimir Gusinsky, State Duma deputy Iosif Kobzon, Alexander Rosenbaum, Bogdan Titomir and other eminent athletes and artists attended the funeral.

Solovyov conscientiously fulfills the mission of the Kremlin

  • The propagandist, together with the film crew, left for Ugledar to show the filming of a new “plot”. They came under artillery fire and the frightened Solovyov could not get ready.
  • At the same time, Kremlin propaganda suddenly began to use narratives about the possible defeat of Russia in the war against Ukraine. Propagandists are scared because of the West's determination to military support Ukraine.
  • Due to recent events in Russia, Solovyov had a tantrum on the air. The propagandist was angry that airports in St. Petersburg were closed due to “unknown flying objects.”

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