Propagandists came up with new fakes about “torture” and carved swastikas on corpses – Leshchenko


Propagandists came up with new fakes about

Propagandists spread fakes about swastikas on corpses/Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Russia traditionally tells fictional horrors about “nationalists and Bandera”. Moreover, even their Ministry of Defense spreads such myths.

The horror stories of the occupiers are getting more and more funny. After all, once again they must frighten their people with “bodies with signs of torture and a carved swastika in Mariupol,” Channel 24 reports.

Leshchenko's explanation

Journalist and People's Deputy of Ukraine Sergey Leshchenko at a briefing on the refutation of Russian fakes, he emphasized that this statement is not a madman, a dreamer or an anonymous Telegram channel. This is distributed by the Russian Ministry of Defense. And the Russian state resource, propaganda RT, publishes such a statement.

It seems that in the 21st century such fakes look inadequate. They just throw it in with the expectation that their voters will believe any nonsense and lies that their propaganda machine produces,” Leshchenko said.

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