Propagandists were very disappointed – Piontkovsky explained what Russia expected from China


Propagandists were very disappointed, – Piontkovsky explained what Russia expected from China

Piontkovsky on why Russian propagandists were upset/Channel 24 collage

Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan caused serious tension between the US and China. Russian propagandists began to discuss this topic especially stubbornly.


This Channel 24 was told by Russian opposition politician and publicist Andrey Piontkovsky. On June 2, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry expressed its outrage at Nancy Pelosi's visit and accused the US of trying to “blow up” the country's sovereignty. Beijing also threatened Washington with retaliatory measures.

Dreams of Russian propagandists

According to Piontkovsky, the fact that the situation did not turn into an armed conflict caused great disappointment among the Kremlin propagandists.

They've been mad since the morning, waiting for the downing of the plane, and later – waiting for the war. They hoped that all US forces would now be directed to the war with China and Ukraine would be forgotten there. – said the publicist.

In his opinion, the Kremlin also wanted China to increase military assistance to Russia in the war against Ukraine.

“The craziest thing is that they (the propagandists – Channel 24) even talked about 2 million Buryats whom China would send them help in Donbass,” the opposition politician said.

“Xi Jinping provoked the escalation”

Piontkovsky believes that the Chinese President provoked the escalation of the conflict Xi Jinping.

“There is nothing extraordinary about Pelosi's visit. There has already been a visit by Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich to Taiwan almost 20 years ago in history. And contacts between US and Taiwan parliamentarians are held regularly,” he explained.

Piontkovsky suggested that the fact is that in October there should be a congress of the Communist Party of China, at which Xi Jinping wants to establish his lifelong rule.

But there is some resistance to this. Therefore, he needs the opportunity to yell, play with his muscles, confirm his patriotic position. Pelosi's visit was such an opportunity for Xi Jinping,” the publicist noted.

Piontkovsky spoke about Russia's expectations from China: watch the video

Relations between China and Russia: the main thing

  • Russia hopes that China will help it in the war with Ukraine. According to Ukrainian political scientist Oleg Sahakyan, Putin signed a package of agreements with China, after which he launched a full-scale aggression against a failing Ukraine. Xi Jinping found himself in such a position as if he was being used.
  • Oleksiy Koval, board member of the Ukrainian Association of Sinologists, noted that China is partially helping Russia in the war against Ukraine. However, there is a significant difference between these countries – if China is constantly striving to develop, then something always interferes with Russia.
  • Ukrainian political scientist Mykola Davidyuk believes that weak Russia is beneficial to China. In the future, it is quite possible that China will “grow” Russia and take over the most interesting territories.

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