“Protect us on earth and in the sky”: Channel 24 congratulates defenders and defenders


In Ukraine October 14 is the Day of Defenders and Defenders. On this day, Ukrainians, including us, thank the soldiers for the fact that life goes on; for the autumn that has come; for the opportunity to say “I love you” and look to the future with hope.

The war between Russia and Ukraine lasts 8 years and 233 days. During this time, Ukrainian defenders and defenders showed the whole world what it is – titanic courage and invincibility of real warriors. Our heroes defeat the enemy on earth and in the sky and go forward. Defenders and defenders save the lives of millions of Ukrainians and return native blue and yellow flags to Ukrainian cities and villages.

The morning of February 24 for the channel 24 site team began with disturbing calls to each other and work. Then the first reports appeared that the Russian occupiers had crossed the state border, and Ukrainian cities were suffering from enemy shelling. scary. But faith in defenders and defenders kept from the abyss of panic and despair. We understood that we were under the protection of our heroes. So everything will be fine. So, we will definitely write news about the victory of Ukraine.

Every day we thank the heroes for another day, for our homes, our cities, our favorite work, morning coffee and hugs with our loved ones. The Channel 24 website congratulates the Ukrainian defenders and defenders on their holiday and thanks them for their protection on earth and in the sky.

Congratulations for the soldiers from the Channel 24 website team

Anastasia Zazulyak

Anastasia Zazulyak

strong> is the main editor.

Today, each of us once again thinks about “ours” or “ours”. Like every day. He is waiting for the most desired morning “everything is OK”, and he experiences the greatest joy from “we left”, “our village”, “without 200 and 300”.

Let everyone who has lost connection see mark “online”. Everyone who is waiting from captivity will find a surname in the lists of those returned. May all of us soon be united not by another gathering, but by the simultaneous “we won, I'm going home.”

Grateful for every new day.

Natalia Bodnar – editor-in-chief:

Thank you for protecting us and holding the war front while we work on the information front. Thank you for every “+” and every “live”. Thank you that thanks to you we are talking about victories at the front.

We believe in you, we talk about you, we support and love you! We remember all the dead and remember the price of our freedom now.

Veronika Gavrilenko Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

< em>Thank you for protecting me and my family from “liberation”, because my real Ukrainian freedom is your blood, nerves, time and life. I thank you for the fact that my mother in Chernivtsi has not yet seen rockets, heard the sounds of arrival and did not breathe the poisonous smoke of Russian shells. Thank you that I was able to get married in such a turbulent time, although, of course, without the traditional drinking parties.

Emal Nabi – Deputy Editor-in-Chief.

Thanks to all the soldiers for protecting me, and especially to the air defense operators, who have already twice accurately shot down missiles over my house. Personal gratitude to combat medic Andrey Ostapchuk for continuing to save our guys from death, fear and pain even after a serious injury.

Yulia Mikhailova – deputy editor of marketplaces.

Defenders and defenders, thank you for protecting all of Ukraine! Although I understand: words of gratitude are too few, because what you are doing is invaluable. Thanks to your daily work, millions of Ukrainians are alive, and the state is independent. Your invincibility and strength in resisting the enemy inspired us to create a strong rear: the whole of Ukraine has united like never before. All this is thanks to you! We are proud of each of you and believe that victory is not far off! Glory to the Heroes and the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ivan Maguriak – newsfeed editor.

I thank you for every rocket shot down over my city and for that my house is intact. And thanks for making my friends get away from the war zone. And most importantly – thank you for the fact that I can live and work with confidence in the future.

Sofia Kovnir – newsfeed editor.

Thank you, our advocates, for giving me the opportunity to continue living in my city and enjoying the air this fall. Thank you for protecting the city where my relatives live, to whom I can travel.

Marjan Chupak is the news feed editor.

< em>Thank you for letting me believe that we have the best military in the world. Every time I watch a video of the liberation of Ukrainian cities from Russian invaders, I am convinced how invincible and fighting our army is. Obviously, these victories are not given to you as easily as it might seem at first glance. You pay for each de-occupied settlement with your lives. However, for this, Ukraine throughout history will call you Heroes. We will remember your exploits and will never forgive the atrocities of the enemies.

Maryana Bekalo – news feed editor.

Thank you that the world did not end on February 24th. Thank you for stopping the fire and not letting it burn us all. Thank you Lions. For old stone houses, theaters, museums and every surviving pebble of paving stones. Thank you for the bloom of lilacs under my window this spring. And now she is in gold and cherishes her flourishing plans for the next May. Thank you for every downed missile and “grounded” kamikaze drone. Thank you for the future news about the victory.

More congratulations to the soldiers from the journalists of the Channel 24 website

  • “I'm grateful that I feel safe no matter what missiles are fired. Thank you for being able to wake up every day with the confidence that I have a future. Be brave and strong because you are our hope.”
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  • “I drink coffee in the morning. I read a book. I cook dinner. I hug my relatives. And for every such familiar and ordinary thing, I thank our protectors and defenders.”
  • “Thank you for protecting us on earth and in the sky”.
  • “The strongest, the bravest, the most courageous, the most dexterous, the most fearless! Thank you, defenders and defenders of Ukraine!”.
  • “Defenders and defenders, Thank you for your strength and invincibility! Thanks to you, Ukraine will definitely stand and defeat the occupiers.”

Eternal memory to all the fallen defenders and defenders. We are alive because you, at the cost of your own life, stopped the enemy and left him no chance to realize his brutal plans. Your feat is forever in the hearts and forever in history. You saved Ukraine, the continent, the whole world.

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