Protesters demanded an international investigation of the explosion in Beirut

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Протестующие потребовали международного расследования взрыва в Бейруте

Protesters took to the streets of Beirut demanding an independent international investigation of the explosion at the port of the Lebanese capital. About it reports TASS.

Local media reported that the streets of the city are still hundreds of people, including many young people, women and children. The riots and clashes with law enforcement at the moment is not observed. Nevertheless, it is noted that the demonstrators clearly outraged by the current situation.

Earlier it was reported that thousands of people came out to protest to demand that the government of Lebanon to resign. Who organizers, activists believe that the government is responsible for the economic and political problems in the country, as for the explosion, which injured more than four thousand people.

A powerful explosion occurred near the port of Beirut on the evening of 4 August. The damage done to the many quarters of the city, the blast was piqued and the Russian Embassy. Not less than 300 thousand people lost their homes, killing more than 150 people.

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