Protests in Kazakhstan: Lukashenko said protesters should kneel in front of security officials

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 Protests in Kazakhstan: Lukashenko said that the protesters should kneel in front of the security forces

The self-proclaimed president called the events in Kazakhstan” instructive “; for Belarus.

The self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the protesters in Kazakhstan should negotiate with the authorities and apologize to the military.

This was reported by Lukashenko's press service .

“I just want to turn from Belarusians to these, well, someone calls them bandits, different people there … To these protesters. I would simply say to them: well, they made some noise, shouted – that's enough”, – he said.

The self-proclaimed president believes that the people of Kazakhstan should “negotiate before they go far.” , in a popular way, go, kneel down, apologize to the military in order to smooth out this crack, which has emerged, and sit down with the authorities, with Tokayev, for negotiations, “the Belarusian dictator said.

Lukashenko called events in Kazakhstan “instructive” for Belarus.

Earlier, Alexander Lukashenko said that in Kazakhstan the “Ukrainian scenario”.

Let us remind you that the President of Kazakhstan, Kasim-Zhomart Tokayev, said on the air of one of the Kazakh TV channels that he asked for military support to the partners of the Treaty Organization countries on collective security (CSTO) to suppress a mass protest in the country

On January 6, it became known that “peacekeepers” were sent to Kazakhstan from countries participating in the Collective Security Treaty Organization (OKGB) .

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