Providing Ukraine with Leopard tanks, Zelensky named the necessary weapons: a chronology of 334 days of the war



A full-scale Russian invasion has been going on in Ukraine for 334 days. the occupiers have concentrated their forces in the Donbass, and are also trying to despond Ukraine into a blackout.

The defense forces continue to repulse the occupiers on the battlefield. Ukraine is also actively working on the diplomatic front to isolate Russia.Channel 24reports the key events of the 334 days of the war.

03:09The German government continues to argue around providing Ukraine with Leopard tanks. The new German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that Berlin would make a decision in the near future.

02:34 If Western tanks are provided, Ukraine will be motivated to defend common European values. Leopard tanks will not solve problems on the battlefield, but will help our defenders.

01:50 In Rivne, a water utility worker was fired because of the blessing of water by a priest of the UOC-MP. The water utility began to understand the situation and found that the worker who let the priest in violated the access control to the territory of the utility company, because he did it without permission.

01:00 President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced a list of necessary to fight the aggressor weapons during an interview with the German TV channel ARD. Ukraine needs artillery, multiple launch rocket systems, armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles. There is also a shortage of tanks, shells and air defense systems.

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