Provocations again in Pridnestrovie: antennas of the center broadcasting Russian radio were destroyed


Provocations again in Pridnestrovie: the antennas of the center broadcasting Russian radio were destroyed

Explosions again in Pridnestrovie/NewsMaker

Near the village of Mayak in Transnistria on April 26, two explosions were recorded. They sounded at the local radio and television center.

As a result of the incident, antennas that broadcast Russian frequencies were significantly damaged. Corresponding information is disseminated by local telegrams, making public video recordings.

It is indicated that sappers are working at the scene, finding out the details. It is possible that this could be a provocation by Russia, which recently boasted of plans to reach the border of Transnistria.

Preliminary explosions in Transnistria

  • In Tiraspol, on April 25, explosions thundered near the Ministry of State Security of militants.
  • In social networks, they wrote that a grenade launcher hit the building of the so-called security department.
  • Eyewitnesses heard several powerful sounds, while it is not known about the victims or injured.

Pay attention! Transnistria is a region of Moldova actually occupied by Russia, modeled on part of the Ukrainian Donbass.

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