Published the first “live” photo of a new smartphone with an “invisible” selfie camera

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Published the first

The day is getting closer to the day when ZTE will present its new flagship – ZTE Axon 30. The device should receive the second generation of displays in which you can “hide” the front camera.

And now, on the eve of the announcement, a fresh photo of the device appeared on the network. On it you can see how big a step forward has been made by the company's engineers in hiding the area where the “invisible camera” is hiding.

According to GSMArena, insiders from China became the source of the “leak”. And if their data is true, if the photo is not a fake, then on July 22 we are waiting for the announcement of a device that will divide the world of smartphones into “before” and “after”.

True, the question of how high-quality the photos taken with such an “invisible” selfie camera are.

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