Putin and Lukashenko have common goals and objectives, – Belarusian oppositionist


Putin and Lukashenko have common goals and objectives, – Belarusian oppositionist

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko continues to betray his country and act against its national interests. The impostor gave the Russians control over Belarus, while he himself does not influence anything globally.

About thisChannel 24Franek Vyachorka, an adviser to Belarusian opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, said. According to him, Lukashenka clings to Vladimir Putin by any means and will continue to do so, which means he will “sink” with him.

What is their common goal


Tsikhanouskaya's adviser said that the main thing for dictators is to save their lives and maintain power. Therefore, Lukashenka almost completely fulfills everything Putin wants.

Putin and Lukashenko have a common goal – to survive, to hide their power at any cost. Therefore, Lukashenka clings to Putin in all possible ways and will be with him to the end. But we should not save Lukashenka, let him sink after Putin, after the Russian ship,” Vyachorka said.

According to Tikhanovskaya’s adviser, as long as Lukashenka is in power in Belarus, until always a threat to Ukraine and the civilized world.

Belarusian oppositionist told what Lukashenka and Putin dream about: watch the video

In addition, as Tikhanovskaya's adviser noted, Putin also has his own goal – to go down in history. . He does not consider Ukraine or Belarus to be independent states,” said Franek Vyachorka.

He also explained that Lukashenka is worth nothing to Putin, because he gave the Russians his country at the disposal of one and a half billion dollars of loans per year . However, this did not work out with the Ukrainian people and they continue to resist the invaders.

According to Vyachorka, Vladimir Putin wants to see Ukraine as the same country as the current Belarus.

“I understand that the goal in Ukraine and Belarus is the same – to seize and control. Putin wanted to see Ukraine as dependent as Lukashenka's Belarus,” Tikhanouska's advisor noted.

How Lukashenka surrenders Belarus to Russia

  • The self-proclaimed president and Belarus as a whole are in complete dependence on dictator Putin. Lukashenka is ready to fulfill all Putin’s demands, and is also afraid of losing the remnants of power in the country.
  • According to the representative for foreign affairs of the Joint Transitional Cabinet of Belarus Valery Kovalevsky, Lukashenka’s army will enter the war against Ukraine if Russian troops are severely defeated, or vice versa , in case of a swift offensive.
  • Meanwhile, while Lukashenka is making ambitious plans, the European Parliament voted for a resolution to create a special tribunal for the two dictators.

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