Putin and Prigozhin planned it that way, – Russian oppositionist about the losses of Wagner in Ukraine


Putin and Prigozhin planned just like that, – Russian oppositionist about Wagner losses in Ukraine

Russian PMC “Wagner” has suffered enormous losses in the war in Ukraine. In fact, Putin and Prigozhin planned it that way, for them these losses are not losses.

This Channel 24 was told by Russian opposition journalist Yulia Latynina. In addition, the Wagner PMC opposes the Russian army, but at the same time parasitizes on it.

Putin and Prigozhin planned such losses

Latynina noted that the losses of PMC “Wagner” are quite real. However, these are planned losses. At one time, the USSR had colossal losses in the war against Finland, all countries were surprised at this, but Stalin considered this a success and then made the commanders of that war the commanders of the next one.

He was perfectly pleased with what he saw. He believed that this was the usual percentage of losses. Putin and Prigozhin, roughly speaking, conferred and decided that there are convicts, but soldiers are needed. The prisoner is still incorrigible, when he is released from the colony, he will kill someone, he will be in prison for 10 years and several million will be spent on him. – said a Russian opposition journalist.

She added that it would be easier now to give them 100 thousand rubles each, send them to the front, where they will kill him, and unload the colonies. Therefore, Prigozhin's losses are planned. He effectively disposed of the prisoners, and for Putin this is not a minus. The only thing that turned out was that Prigozhin's convicts were more effective than the Russian army.

Latynina on Wagner's losses in Ukraine: watch the video

Back to news content detachments. Putin's dissatisfaction can only be caused by Prigozhin's bright PR, who still wants more.

“This should be a more serious irritant for Putin than successes or their absence at the front. However, it is difficult for everyone to understand how serious this irritant is now. Putin first uses Prigozhin as a scarecrow. He tells the Russian elite if you want Prigozhin instead of me, which you have everything will be confiscated and you will be sent to the front,” Latynina emphasized. against PMC “Wagner” additional sanctions that will define it as a transnational criminal organization. Now this private structure has shown the peak of its impudence, but thanks to the sanctions it may come to an end.

  • Russian dictator Vladimir Putin used the head of Wagner PMC “Evgeny Prigozhin. After unsuccessful attempts to capture Bakhmut, the President of Russia despaired of him.
  • The owner of the Wagner PMC, Evgeny Prigozhin, began a series of information operations aimed at showing himself a hero of Russia in “to rest campaign” against the petty and corrupt Russian authorities. Analysts from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) analyzed the publication of Prigozhin's personal press office.
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