Putin assembles a military “machine” that will crush Russia, “doomsday” will come, – political strategist


Putin is assembling a military

Having suffered a defeat at the front, Putin decided to announce mobilization in Russia. The military “machine” assembled by the head of the Kremlin will eventually crush the Russian Federation.

This Channel 24 was told by political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman. He believes that the military skill of our command and Western partners will be enough to break the Russian army in some original way.

“Putin is assembling a 'machine' that will crush Russia”

Sheitelman noted that Putin refuses to admit defeat. After all, a normal political leader would admit defeat and go to prepare for the next war, having studied his own mistakes. . And he would have captured us with renewed vigor, given the mistakes, – the political consultant believes.

However, he noted, Putin still expects to win. He has another 25 million people that he can send to us. To destroy them all, we will most likely need several years and an unlimited number of HIMARS.

I think that his entire mobilization will collapse under its own weight. He is assembling a “machine” that will crush Russia, Sheitelman said.

The political consultant noted that Russia intends to mobilize a million people. If women and children are added to this number, then we can say that 3-4 million people will take part in the war.

When in a country like Russia, 3-4 million participants in the war, something somewhere will start to break down, – Sheitelman emphasized.

He believes that the main hope is that this “machine” will crush itself, as it ate itself, in in particular, near Kyiv.

“Doomsday is approaching

Sheitelman expects that our command, thanks to intelligence from Western partners, will find some point where they can hit, so that the whole system collapses like a house of cards.

In his opinion, the skill of our military leadership and Western partners should be enough, to break it in some original, unusual way.

Judgment Day is coming. Medvedev threatened us with what!? After the strikes on the Crimea, “judgment day” will come. Why is the Yom Kippur War called that in Israel? Because it began on such a festive day, “judgment day,” the political strategist noted.

According to Sheitelman, this year it falls on the night of October 5-6, that is, two days before the day Putin's birth Therefore, there will definitely be something there – either Putin will strike with an atomic weapon, or we will find some kind of his weakness.

Mobilization in Russia: what is known

  • On the morning of September 21, Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia, under which 300,000 people will be called up. The head of the terrorist country argued this step by “defending” the temporarily occupied territories in Ukraine.
  • At the same time, Russian media report that they plan to recruit 1 million people into the ranks of the occupying troops. This is stated in the seventh secret paragraph of Putin's decree. Although the Russian authorities deny this.
  • Russian citizens reacted negatively to the announcement of partial mobilization. They very actively began to look for ways to respite from the army or the opportunity to leave the country.

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