Putin becomes toxic to his entourage: how the Hague warrant spoiled the plans of the Russian elites


Putin becomes toxic to his entourage: how the Hague warrant spoiled the plans of the Russian elites

The issuance of an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin by the International Criminal Court has seriously frightened his henchmen. They realized that the ideal picture of the world that the dictator painted was now corrupted.

Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman told Channel 24 about this. According to him, Putin actually destroyed the plans of wealthy Russians for a carefree future for the Russian Federation with his criminal actions.

There will be more cases against Russians

Mikhail Sheitelman explained that Vladimir Putin has a close circle that is in the same boat with him. These people participated in war crimes, as well as the head of Russia himself.

You know that the court asked for additional funding for the investigation of crimes, so there will still be a huge number of names even in this case, he is convinced.

In his opinion, all Putin's henchmen are criminals who will sooner or later receive their arrest warrant.

The list of war criminals will grow

The political strategist said that the political elite always gathers around the dictator, which is an integral part of his tough regime.

According to him, the initiated case concerning the abduction of Ukrainian children and their removal to the territory of the Russian Federation is significant.

“6 thousand children only registered by Yale University, 500 thousand children declared in Russia. All of them also have some people who organized it all,” he focused his attention.

Sheitelman explained that absolutely everyone involved would end up on a long list of war criminals.

Can't escape responsibility

Unfortunately, the Russians also commit other war crimes.

We understand that Sergei Shoigu, for example, will definitely be on the military list. Sergei Sobyanin is also a must on the list of war criminals. Medvedev is there by itself, – he is convinced.

In his opinion, a new case has already appeared against Dmitry Medvedev in the International Criminal Court because of the threat to kill judges.

The political strategist is convinced that there are a lot of such political criminals in the environment of the dictator.

“They are all already in any case, like suicide bombers, they went to this agreement with Putin and understand that their fate and the fate of Putin are inseparable, regardless of what they do or say,” he said.

According to him, the only way out for them is to go to America and voluntarily surrender. However, who among them will dare to take such a step?

Russian business is a loser

The political strategist explained that the Russian oligarchs, who tried to get out of the sanctions and, of course, are involved in all crimes, should also be taken into account.

“They are accomplices, not organizers of all this. They just helped, financed, did something else, so it’s clear that the International Court of Justice in The Hague will definitely not deal with them,” he added.

In his opinion, it is generally unclear whether any charges will be brought against them.

For them, Putin is toxic not only in terms of the fact that he talked to him and got infected, no – worse, – Sheitelman is convinced.

According to him, businessman Mikhail Fridman is a striking example. There are hundreds of people like him in Russia.

“Although in fact, I think that they are talking not even about hundreds, but tens of thousands of people who have a fortune of $ 100 million,” he explained.

Sheitelman is convinced that such business representatives expected that their future would be correlated with the figure of Putin.

They all believed that the war was over for a year, the war was over, sanctions were being lifted, everything is gradually returning, but all this is with Putin,” he stressed.

However, now this picture of the world is completely spoiled, because there is no such canvas, which will include both Putin and Russia as part of the world community. For them, this is a big problem.

Putin's arrest warrant: what is known

  • The International Criminal Court has issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin and children's rights ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova. The reason is the illegal deportation of children from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to Russia.
  • This means that Putin must be arrested in 123 countries around the world. These are the countries where they ratified the Rome Treaty after wearying.
  • The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine handed over to the ISS more than 40 volumes of materials. We are talking about the export of 16 thousand children from Kharkov, Kherson, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. However, this number could be much higher.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky said the order was a historic moment. It is with him that the responsibility of the dictator begins.

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