Putin benefits when deviators run away: why the US began to deport them


Putin benefits when deviators run away: why the US began to deport them

The United States resumed the deportation of Russian citizens, including those who fled from the mobilization. In the long run, this could have very negative consequences for Vladimir Putin.

This opinion of Channel 24 was expressed by political scientist Mykola Davidyuk. According to him, the decision to deport Russian evaders is part of a soft US response to the incident with a drone shot down over the Black Sea.

The political scientist suggested that Washington has revised its attitude towards non-interference in Russia's domestic politics.

Why Putin did not close the borders of Russia

As Davidyuk noted, in fact, the dictator did not close the borders of Russia and did not deliberately prevent the flight of those Russians who opposed the mobilization.

Putin benefits when the evaders run away. After all, they are potential revolutionaries. These are young, healthy people who want to live in the West. But they are afraid to change anything inside Russia,” the political scientist said.

However, Putin does not need such a category of the population in Russia. As the political scientist explained, if the opponents of the mobilization have a leader, they can go to rallies and pose a threat to the dictator's regime. Consequently, he tried to get rid of them by letting them out of the country.

Mykola Davidyuk suggested why the United States resumed the deportation of Russians: watch the video

“Probationary period for evaders is over”

The political scientist believes that the US and other countries do not need the fugitives from the Russian mobilization.

The probationary period for these dodgers is over. We do not see any political activity on their part aimed against Putin or imperialism,” Davidyuk said.

Moreover, individual representatives of Russia can sit in the US or other countries, but support the Putin regime. According to the political scientist, the fact that the States began to clear out such specimens says a lot.

Deportation may become massive

Davidyuk noted that so far we are talking about isolated cases of deportation of fugitives from Russia. However, according to the political scientist, in the future, Washington may contribute to the fact that the process of deportation of Russian evaders will be started by other partner countries of the United States.

According to Davidyuk, then the millions of Russians forced to return to Russia will face a choice.

  • Or resignedly go to fight in Ukraine. However, in this case, they will have little chance of surviving.
  • Or demolish Putin and start a revolution in Russia.

US pushes Russian youth to revolution

The political scientist is convinced that Washington is betting on Russian deviators in a certain way.

The US is pushing the youth of Russia towards revolution and showing that you can get Western living conditions without leaving Russia. But there is a condition – you must overthrow Putin and restore order in your country, – said Davidyuk.

He added that the deportation from the United States is only the first attempt to return all these “birds” home. With the right setup, evaders could play a big role in overthrowing the Putin regime as early as 2023, Davidyuk said.

Russians are fleeing the country: briefly

  • On September 21, 2022, Vladimir Putin announced the so-called partial mobilization in Russia. The Russians were not happy with the dictator's decision.
  • Russian men, who did not want to die in Ukraine for Putin's ridiculous ideas, began to flee the country en masse.
  • According to various estimates, from several hundred thousand to a million people left Russia. Most of the Russians fled from the mobilization to the countries of Central Asia, some went to Europe, and another part emigrated to the United States.

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