Putin can end up like Nicholas II: how badly he is hit by failures in the war


Putin can end up like Nicholas II: how badly he is hit by failures in the war

Vladimir Putin is losing his rating among the population. Moreover, the fall of his “glorious” image began in 2010-2011.

This was announced on Channel 24 by Russian political scientist Abbas Gallyamov. He noted that at that time the protests of the opposition on Bolotnaya had conditionally “tarnished the reputation” of the head of the Kremlin. Although Putin succeeded in suppressing them, his ratings did not return to pre-crisis levels.

“Then came Crimea. It switched the people from the internal to the external agenda. Its electoral rating in 2014-2015 reached 76%,” the speaker noted.

Abbas Gallyamov on Putin's ratings among the population: watch video

Double drop

However, already in 2020, the figure plummeted from 76% to 45% – almost a two-fold drop, the political scientist estimated. After that, Russian sociologists generally stopped publishing any research. And especially the electoral ones – the most objective in terms of support for the head of the Kremlin.

“Thanks to the war, Putin wanted to consolidate citizens around him, as was the case in Crimea. But Crimea did not work out. An early victory too. And now defeats delegitimize Putin. They hit his base,” the expert explained.

Not strong and not powerful

Abbas Gallyamov noted that Putin's legitimacy is based on the assumption of strength, undeniable victory and failure against him. This is a kind of fatalism that makes Russians loyal. And yes, it crashes.

“Putin is not so strong. He does not always know what to do. Therefore, delegitimization is accelerating,” the political scientist described the processes.

He gave an example of the story of a sixth grader who made an anti-war drawing. Her father, who also opposes the war, is sent to jail, and the girl herself may end up in an orphanage.

Internal erosion is in full swing. And there will be a moment when he will weaken because he is losing the war. When it all explodes. Putin, if he does not come up with some reasonable maneuver (for example, nominates a successor), then he can really end up like Nicholas II, Abbas Gallyamov summed up.

How Putin Loses Trust: The Facts

  • At the end of 2022, Russian oligarchs turned their backs on Putin en masse. They were hit hard by the sanctions because of the war.
  • Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who previously boasted of his friendly relations with the head of the Kremlin, condemned a full-scale invasion in early 2023.
  • Even Viktor Orban and Alexander Lukashenko are surprised from time to time by statements against their friend Putin.

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